Ridiculousity is a state of mind, or perhaps a state of being. When something is illogical, bizarre, or just plain silly, it can often be said to be ridiculous. However, mere ridiculousness does not even begin to grasp the concept at hand. There comes a point when an individual is trapped inside a situation that is at once so outlandish - and yet simultaneously so mundane - that it escapes description. Events or occurrences that are so ironic and outrageous that they defy all other descriptions can be said to have obtained Ridiculousity. Examples of this notion exist in literally every conceivable circumstance, if one can only be bothered to look...

Ridiculousity is also a comic strip of philosophical musings applied to everyday life. It follows the misadventures of two faceless characters named simply “Black” and “White” as they observe the world’s inherent absurdity and remark on how it is largely ignored. The strip is written by Maximilian White and illustrated by Phoenix Zoellick, and it updates every Monday.

Finally, Ridiculousity is a website which is home to amusing creative endeavors in a multitude of media. One can find stories, movies, comics, and animations, and those who care to explore might even stumble upon the Tavern, a free-minded forum without much of a point. The site’s intent is to be entertaining from any angle, as well as to showcase the talents of its creators, in the hopes that someone might decide to exploit them for money (and hopefully be willing to share some of the profits!) In short, it is a mental playground of comedy and humor, existing in a state of… Well…


About The Author

Maximilian White spends his time writing everything from movies to music. He has more books than he can count, and keeps them in a cheap bookshelf in his living room. He has also completed two novel-length manuscripts - neither of which has been published - and a rather long list of other creative endeavors, many of them under his pseudonym, "Ramses the Pigeon." When he isn't writing, Max dons a cape and a mask and patrols the night in the guise of his vigilante alter ego, "The Valiant Creeper." He - Max, not the Valiant Creeper - has a penchant for obscure philosophy and bagpipes, particularly when combined. According to his grandmother, he came out of the womb talking, and hasn't shut up since. He has been known to break into song on random occasions, and is delighted when his sporadic melodious interludes result in full-fledged musicals popping up around him. In a bizarre turn of temporal distortion, the Monty Python film "Life of Brian" was actually a documentary on Max's life, but was mistaken as being a work of satirical religious fiction since he had not, technically, been born yet. Max enjoys a cappella music, and his favorite color is cerulean iridescence.

About The Artist

Phoenix Zoellick holds world-renowned fame as the "Worst Typist Ever," and was the driving force behind the immensely popular "Capitalization Optional" movement. She delights in numerous hobbies and personal eccentricities, including a fondness for fat little birds and anything covered in glitter. She makes a damned good cappuccino, and holds the secret wish that her hair wasn't subject to gravity, although whether it actually is has been the subject of debate by many scholars and physicists for years. In her own words, Phoenix is "like a walking craft-making machine leaving a trail of sparkly detritus wherever she goes." She finds that word-play is the best form of foreplay, although she is not entirely convinced that she believes in the existence of punctuation. She enjoys long walks on short piers, and has an affinity social conformity that rivals that of a hyperactive six-year-old. Her heroes are John Fluevog, Eugene Hutz and Tom Selleck, and she eagerly awaits the day when they merge together to form the most amazing stripy-booted-mustache fest the world has ever seen. Her favorite color is orange.